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Pacific North West Motorcycle Association Rips It Up

Written by  on Monday, 23 July 2012 14:28

The Pacific North West Motorcycle Association has been around since the early 1930s and includes numerous clubs and three major series: the British Columbia Offroad Championship Series, the Vancouver Island Hare Scramble Series (VIHSS) and the Okanagen Hare Scramble Series (OHSS). Between these three series some of the fastest riders in Canada have emerged, including the reigning CEC Champions Bobby Prochnau and Chantelle Bykerk.

Currently in the Pro Class, Geoff Nelson has managed an impressive lead over second place (165 points), Jarrett May (121). May is a mere point off Prochnau, who while he's only raced four events this year, is four for four with 120 points. Fourth place Ryan Dey is only a single point off Prochnau with 119 while Ken Dyck is ten points back from fourth, with 109 points, good enough for fifth place.

There are still plenty of rounds left, and while Prochnau might not be a regular contender with the Endurocross and National Off Road series to contend with, he is a factor when he shows up for sure. Nelson is one of the few people who have ever beat Prochnau straight up in Canada in recent memory, so don't assume that just because the big #7 shows up that #84 won't be on the top spot of the box. Tyler Murray has had a string of bad luck in the PNW series, but the two time E1 champion is a tough competitor and shouldn't be counted out either.

In times like this, it is important to remember Prochnau's own words: "It's Enduro; it doesn't matter who shows up. Anything can happen." And anything can happen.

The next race is in Kamloops on July 29; Chuwell's Challenge is put on by the Greater Kamloops Motorcycle Association (GKMA) with a great loop on Chuwell's Mountain. The lone event in August is hosted by the Victoria Motorcycle Club. The Tanksy Titan is being billed as a tough event designed to test rider's endurance and fortitude. It will take place August 12.

The PNW is the home to some of the fastest racers in Canada at the moment. Bobby Prochnau, Geoff Nelson, Tyler Murray, Victoria and Malcolm Hett, Chantelle Bykerk have all made names for themselves in Canada and on the world stage, but they started in the PNW. 

There are still plenty of races left in the series; fourteen to be in fact. For more information visit the PNW website at: http://www.pnwma.com/calendar/races

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