Szoke Wins SMART Trial

Szoke Wins SMART Trial

Written by on Tuesday, 20 September 2016 09:11

@jordanszoke • Horseshoe Valley ON (September 18, 2016) SMART Trials- Sherco 300 - Expert Class- 11 time Canadian Superbike Champion Jordan Szoke competed in the first ever SMART Trial held at the motorcycle haven of SMART Adventure Programs in the beautiful Horseshoe Valley just outside of Barrie ON.

This was a first time event for the area and promoted newcomers to the sport with a Trials School held before the event. Fees were low and morale high as the competitors invaded the valley for the first time.

“I have ridden trials since I can remember.” says Szoke. “It teaches you control and patience, something I have been able to transfer to Superbike racing. I use trials as way to prepare myself physically and mentally for the demands of chasing down Superbike podiums.”

Szoke finished with one point on the day and in top spot in the Expert Class.

“We have enjoyed a few days here in the valley soaking up the terrain training on my bicycle at Hardwood Hills and Horseshoe Valley. It’s beautiful here and I was enthusiastic to support this first time event. Big thanks to the organizers and supporters who made this happen. It is a lot of work to prepare and organize an event and their effort does not go unnoticed.”

Watch for Szoke during the Muskoka 2-Day Trial being held this upcoming weekend in Kearney Ontario, Sept 24-25,

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