Dan Kruger gets an elbow down at China’s Zhuhai International Circuit during the 3-Hour Superbike Endurance Race. Dan Kruger gets an elbow down at China’s Zhuhai International Circuit during the 3-Hour Superbike Endurance Race.

Dan Kruger Gets First Win of 2016 in China

Written by  Dan Kruger Racing on Tuesday, 19 January 2016 11:36

Dan Kruger overcame the flu and persistent nagging injuries to take pole position, put in the quickest race lap and win the Superbike Class in the 3-Hour Superbike Endurance Race at Zhuahi International Circuit in China on January 10.

The team overcame an electrical issue and a faulty fuel light indicator, but most concerning was a failing transmission that sprayed oil all over the left rearset, Dan’s boot, and the rear wheel only a few laps before the end of the race.

“I have to say that what is usually a really fun race for me was incredibly challenging this year. It made me realize that I am nowhere close to being ready for all the racing I have planned in 2016. I had such a moment towards the end of the race with a large amount of oil spraying on the tyre. Luck was on my side with that one” Kruger commented.

Dan’s teammate Karl Roe did his part and for a while, it looked like he might have to handle most of the riding due to Dan’s hand injury. Karl was up for it but in the end, Dan found his rhythm and managed to get through the race sharing the riding duties as planned.

The team has now won the China Superbike 3 Hour Race five years in a row and remain unbeaten. The race is generally seen as a fun event that gives riders a chance to prepare for the season ahead and set up their race bikes.

That is not to say they aren’t all out there to win.

One more bit of good news, Kruger’s 2016 Superbike Team in China has already announced that Pacha Macau (Macau’s first Mega-Nightclub) will be their title sponsor alongside the huge Support that Titanic Kawasaki continues to give the team. Long-time friend and team supporter, Hong Kong businessman Walter Bonanno, formally joined the team with a significant financial investment and will now be actively involved in the day to day management of the team.

“ What can I say, Walter has always been part of our team as far as I was concerned. The fact that he is helping out financially is just amazing. What great news for the team. We will be using a Paul Bird British Superbike winning Kawasaki for the series and it will take considerable resources to maintain this team. We now have the resources without question to do so. Walter has been involved in a successful Moto2 Team in the past and brings a lot of racing experience to the team.”

Walter adds “It gives me great pleasure to formally get involved in this great team. The team has always been considered the underdog to the well-funded Factory Yamaha Squad and most recently the EBR Team as well. We are now on a level playing field and I look forward to seeing Dan on some competitive machinery. We have seen how well he can ride over in Europe when on factory prepped machinery.”

The team would like to thank its sponsors Titanic Kawasaki, Pacha Macau, Motul, Pirelli, PSI, X-Lite, Mototron, Hindle, RK, OZ, and of course all the hard working mechanics and supporters.

From: Dan Kruger Racing


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