Jordan Szoke- 9 Time Canadian Superbike Champion / 4 Time CMA National Trials Champion Jordan Szoke- 9 Time Canadian Superbike Champion / 4 Time CMA National Trials Champion

Szoke Represents Sherco Through DualSport Plus‏

Written by  on Monday, 27 April 2015 16:32

Jordan Szoke, the winningest Superbike Racer in Canadian History, will continue representing DualSport Plus during his off-road events on Sherco equipment for the 2015 season.  Szoke will be aboard a Cabestany 300 Replica along with a Sherco 300 SE-R 2T.

“I am very exited to be partnered again this season with DualSport Plus.  They have injected strength and enthusiasm into the sport and I am honoured to be able to represent them,” says Szoke.

When Jordan is not racing his superbike full time during the summer months, he competes in enduro and observed trials events.  His highly successful Extreme Shows showcase a motorcycle experience like no other to the public in various shows throughout the country.

When asked about his continued relationship with DSP, President Rob Long states:

“The DualSport Plus team is very proud to be a sponsor of Jordan Szoke for both his Superbike career and as well in his off-road events.  Jordan's life has been all about all motorcycles and his career has taken him around the world to perform something most of us would only dream about. Jordan is a machine on any bike with two wheels and is always a pleasure to watch perform with amazing style and accuracy, not to forget the speed. He dominates the sport with his pure skill.”

You will find Szoke and his Extreme Show Team performing this Saturday, during the DualSport Plus Spring Open House at 581 West St, Brantford, ON from 10am - 4pm.

From: Jordan Szoke Racing

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