AGV Launches Innovative Transitioning AGVisor

AGV Launches Innovative Transitioning AGVisor

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In keeping with its continuous commitment to meeting the needs of users, AGV launches AGVisor, an exceptional helmet face shield that almost instantaneously transitions between clear and dark, with the click of a button.

Currently available as an accessory for AGV’s Pista GP, Corsa, and GT-Veloce models, this amazingly practical visor utilizes a liquid-crystal display to change from clear to dark in less than one second, ensuring optimum visibility for the wearer no matter the light conditions. The AGVisor is powered by a small, built-in, rechargeable battery. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the system can be easily operated while riding, even when wearing gloves. The LCD technology adheres perfectly to the visor, also performing an anti-fog function, and a reduced-edge design ensures that visibility is not impaired.

The AGVisor can be fully charged in two hours, preparing the rider for any light condition that may be encountered (check local regulations for restrictions). When fully charged, the shield can be used in dark mode for 12 hours, and for situations when the battery’s charge has been depleted, an innovative fail-safe system allows the visor to return to clear mode.

AGVisor will be available internationally in April 2015, and in North America when the homologation process has been completed.

About AGV

AGV is a premium race and sport helmet manufacturer that researches, projects and commercializes innovative systems for the protection of motorbike riders' heads. The company that produced the world’s first fiberglass helmet in 1954 now produces helmets following AGV Extreme Standards, a process that has revolutionized helmet design in a way that is demonstrable and measureable in terms of protection, ergonomics and comfort. In 2007, AGV was taken over by Dainese and company president Lino Dainese, whose two companies manufacture protective products that showcase some of the most innovative technologies in action sports and are used by the world’s top riders. AGV is distributed in North America by Dainese USA and Parts Unlimited.

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