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Rider Training Institute successfully lobbies Toronto City Council

The Rider Training Institute has successfully lobbied Toronto City Councillors to forward a motion containing the most comprehensive set of motorcycle related policy changes ever proposed in a Canadian municipality.

Thursday, 28 June 2018 10:56 Published in Industry News

Rider Training Institute Successfully Lobbies City of Toronto In New Road Safety Plan

Toronto, ON (July 13, 2016)- The city’s new Road Safety Plan, scheduled for council deliberations today, will see Toronto join a growing number of municipalities around the world in pursuing a Vision Zero approach to road safety.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016 12:56 Published in News

Rider Training Institute pressures Ontario Transportation Minister to allow motorcycles in Pan-Am HOV lanes

Toronto, ON (June 30, 2015)- The Rider Training Institute (RTI) has issued an open letter to Ontario Transportation Minister, Steven Del Duca, pressing for policy changes that would allow motorcycles to occupy temporary HOV lanes along the QEW, 404, and 401 expressways.

The decision to exclude motorcycles from using these lanes, while simultaneously allowing hybrid and 3+ occupant vehicles demonstrates that the MTO may not be aware that motorcycles do not cause unnecessary congestion, motorcycles eliminate it” says Sharron St. Croix, RTI’s  Executive Director. “We’re pressing for the Minister to reconsider this decision, as the City of Toronto has, with a view to encouraging all forms of alternative vehicle use, especially during the Pan-Am Games when our already overburdened roads will be pushed to their limits.” St. Croix added.

This open letter, combined with a feature editorial in this month’s issue of Inside Motorcycles Magazine, are intended to draw attention to the fact that motorcycles are largely absent from transportation policy planning throughout the GTA. “Our lobbying efforts are gaining momentum, and we’ve been engaged with policymakers and law enforcement throughout the GTA for some time now” St. Croix notes.  

About RTISince 2001 the Rider Training Institute (RTI) has offered comprehensive motorcycle licensing and skills development training throughout locations across Ontario. From our inception, thousands of seasoned and novice riders alike, from all walks of life and skill levels, have chosen the Rider Training Institute as an ongoing partner towards developing long term safe and enjoyable motorcycling careers.


Wednesday, 01 July 2015 06:42 Published in News

Rider Training Institute launches first driver/motorcyclist road sharing awareness campaign

Increasing  numbers of motorcycles on GTA roads necessitates greater awareness between riders and drivers alike. In collaboration with municipal transportation authorities, GTA retailers, and members of the insurance sector, the Rider Training Institute has launched a road sharing awareness campaign in advance of the 2014 motorcycling season. Following a series of live segments with CP24’s Cam Woolley on April 14, a visual tip-sheet has been distributed through social media, and printed posters will be displayed at select locations throughout the GTA.

Monday, 05 May 2014 13:55 Published in Industry News