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Breaking News: East Coast Phenom Shaw-O'Leary Hospitalized

Written by  on Tuesday, 24 July 2012 15:07

East Coast roadrace phenom Austin Shaw-O'Leary was admitted to IWK Hospital early Monday morning due to complications with an injury suffered in a Sunday morning warm-up crash during the Mopar Canadian Superbike Championships at Atlantic Motorsport Park last weekend.

Contacted by phone, Shaw-O'Leary explained his condition, "The swelling got so bad on Sunday night after the races I couldn't walk on it, then early Monday morning the pain got so bad we decided to go to the hospital. I've had x-rays and there's nothing broken and the MRI went well; there's no torn ligaments and no muscle damage. The big thing is the build-up of blood and the swelling. They're going to keep me in for a couple of days and figure out how to drain it."

Austin was in good spirits in spite of the situation. "All the news so far has been good so we're hoping for the best," he confirmed. "And I've already had a bunch of visitor's. Rahul (Dua) was still in town so he dropped by and I'll have my lap top tomorrow so it's not too bad."

The Falmouth, Nova Scotia rider rode the GoLo Racing/Dua Motorsports/Pro Cycle Honda CBR600RR to pole position in both the Inside Motorcycles Amatuer Sportbike class and the Bazzaz Amatuer Superbike division. In doing so he also broke the lap record in both classes.

After his crash on Sunday morning, which damaged the Honda extensively, the GoLo Racing team was graciously loaned ARL Pro Champ Ron Monroe's spare Kawasaki ZX6R. Shaw-O'Leary rode the bike to dominant victories in both classes. 

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