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FIM, Dorna to Enhance Medical Services in MotoGP World Championship Photo courtesy of MotoGP.com

FIM, Dorna to Enhance Medical Services in MotoGP World Championship

Written by  on Monday, 30 April 2012 02:08

From MotoGP.com- In order to ensure the highest standards of medical services to the riders in the FIM MotoGP™ World Championship, the FIM and Dorna Sports SL have agreed a significant development in the provision of medical services at Grand Prix events.

These developments relate specifically to the deployment of Medical Intervention Vehicles and will become effective at the beginning of the 2012 season.

The FIM Medical Code and the FIM MotoGP World Championship Regulations require the provision of Medical Rapid Intervention Vehicles. These vehicles must be suitably manned and equipped and placed in such a way and in such numbers that a fallen and injured rider can be provided with appropriate and all necessary medical treatment with the minimum of delay. The provision of such vehicles is to supplement the initial assessment and interventions that may be provided by the medical or paramedical personnel from an adjacent medical ground post or ambulance prior to the transfer of the injured rider to the medical centre or hospital.

Dorna have agreed to provide two suitably liveried BMW M vehicles to be used for this purpose and the personnel in the vehicles will include doctors experienced in resuscitation and emergency care.

In order to ensure consistency and familiarity at each event in different countries, a small team of doctors experienced in the immediate management of significant trauma from the Instituto Universitario USP Dexeus in Barcelona has been engaged to support, supplement and assist the medical service provided locally. Their role will be in the provision of trackside assistance in the event of serious injury until transfer to the medical centre or hospital.

A doctor from this team will be present in each of the two vehicles provided by the promoter to accompany and work with the local medical personnel. It is emphasised that this team of doctors who will be present at every event will not replace the local medical personnel but will work together with them and where necessary provide assistance, support and advice.

The deployment of the medical rapid intervention vehicles will be by the Race Director in the event of a red flag situation when the race or practice session is stopped on the recommendation of and in consultation with the CMO, Medical Director and the Clerk of the Course depending on the circuit, the nature and location of the incident.

This is a result of the ongoing commitment of the FIM and Dorna working together to provide our riders with the highest standards of medical care in keeping with best practice.

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