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Rider Training Institute Successfully Lobbies City of Toronto In New Road Safety Plan

Rider Training Institute Successfully Lobbies City of Toronto In New Road Safety Plan

Written by  Rider Training Institute on Wednesday, 13 July 2016 12:56

Toronto, ON (July 13, 2016)- The city’s new Road Safety Plan, scheduled for council deliberations today, will see Toronto join a growing number of municipalities around the world in pursuing a Vision Zero approach to road safety.

Among the many significant provisions contained in the city’s new Road Safety Plan is the categorization of target groups under the category - Vulnerable Road Users. Like many of you, we were disappointed to see that motorcyclists had been excluded from this important policy category when we received a preliminary copy of the Road Safety Plan a few weeks ago.

Since the release of the preliminary report, we have been working closely with various members of Toronto City Council, representatives from the Mayor’s office, as well as key staff in the city’s Transportation Safety Office with a view to amending the Road Safety Plan to better reflect the interests of the motorcycling community. As of today, Toronto’s new Road Safety Plan classifies motorcyclists as Vulnerable Road Users. This significant step is a first for any Canadian municipality, and opens the door to future transportation policy discussions that will enhance the safety and inclusivity afforded to motorcyclists in Toronto.

Additionally, the city has included in the amended Road Safety Plan a commitment to pursue a pilot, motorcycle focused road safety sign campaign. This pilot programme represents another first for Canadian municipalities, and is the result of a proposal that RTI brought to the city 2 years ago. The road safety signs will target high risk collision zones throughout the city, and help communicate to riders the unique risks they face in those areas. We have included some samples of the signs you will be encountering over the next year as the programme is rolled out.

The topical revision to the Road Safety Plan:

New Countermeasure 42 - Motorcycles
Motorcyclists are vulnerable road users. The original RSP submission identified the need for education and awareness campaigns directed at motorcyclists on safety risks and the challenges associated with navigating through certain corridors within the City. As a pilot project, Transportation Services staff will be working with the MTO and the Rider Training Institute in the deployment of road safety signs in high-crash locations targeting the specific risks faced by motorcyclists. (Road Safety Plan (RSP) 2017-2021 – Supplementary Report, July 2016)

RTI will be continuing its presence on the city’s newly struck Road Safety Committee with a view to moving the interests of our community forward. In short, we finally have a voice in the planning of transportation policy that affects us on a daily basis.

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Sharron St Croix, Executive Director- Rider Training Institute

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