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LeoVince USA Opens New Indianapolis Distribution Center to Better Serve Dealers

LeoVince USA Opens New Indianapolis Distribution Center to Better Serve Dealers

Written by  on Thursday, 19 April 2012 15:17

RICHMOND, Calif.-Dealerships east of the Rockies and located in the core of Canada can now look forward to improved service with extended hours and to receiving LeoVince product in half the time thanks to the opening of the new LeoVince USA distribution center located in Indianapolis, IN.

Tim Calhoun, Executive Vice President of LeoVince USA, explains the rationale behind this major commitment: "LeoVince has experienced extraordinary growth over the past three years - the fact is we are rapidly becoming a very desirable brand and that's driving significant growth in dealer direct product demand. It was clear we needed to extend our hours and offer a location that could deliver one to three day transit times to most locations on the Eastern seaboard, the Midwest and the Canadian market. Indianapolis provides the ideal location."

With the opening of the new distribution center LeoVince USA has doubled its warehousing capabilities and can now house up to seventy percent more products depending on seasonality and demand. LeoVince will continue its course of mixing boat freight and weekly air orders from Italy to ensure products are in stock and ready to ship for fast customer fulfillment. Calhoun continues: "We've added an additional 26,000 cubic feet of warehouse space for LeoVince USA inventory to ensure greater volumes of our fastest-moving, high demand products can be kept at the ready for our top customers. We have also added two product specialists who will start there day at 6:30 AM PST or 9:30 EST to better service these dealers."  

The expanding LeoVince product line will ensure the extra warehouse space is quickly utilized. LeoVince introduced nine new product lines in 2011, including the popular F.A.S.T. Fuel and Ignition Systems, and 2012 will see the introduction of additional products, "including some outside of the LeoVince family of brands" Calhoun ads with a mischievous smile.

The new Indianapolis distribution center will play a key role in ensuring LeoVince USA continues to meet growing demand for additional inventory and faster delivery of products to market.

For additional information about the Indianapolis distribution center and the expanding line of LeoVince products visit www.LeoVinceUSA.com. Or call 510-232-4040 and speak to one of our excellent product information specialists.

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