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CSBK Announces Spec Fuel for 2012

CSBK Announces Spec Fuel for 2012

Written by  on Thursday, 12 April 2012 09:05

Toronto, ON – Frontline CSBK Inc., organizers of Canada’s National motorcycle road racing Championship series, are excited to announce that Sunoco 260 GT Plus will be the spec performance fuel for the upcoming 2012 Mopar Canadian Superbike Championship.

Competitors in both the Professional and Amateur Superbike and Sport Bike classes will have the choice of using either locally available unleaded pump fuel or the new spec Sunoco GT Plus performance fuel.  Sunoco is also the current spec fuel supplier in the American National road racing series.  

Brooklin Cycle Racing has agreed to be the sole and officially recognized distributor for the Canadian series approved Sunoco 260 GT Plus fuel supply.  Brooklin Cycle Racing will handle transportation and distribution for all CBSK events.  A set price for the new spec fuel will be guaranteed for the entire race season.  CSBK National Class Champions from each National division will receive a free drum of fuel as one of their rewards for their upcoming Canadian tour success.

“This plan has been a long time coming as we have discussed the move to non-leaded fuel since the late 1990’s,”confirmed CSBK boss Kevin Graham.  “We are really pleased to finally be able to make this announcement.”

“While we are happy to simplify things for our racers and level the playing field, the big issue is one of health, safety and the impact on our environment,” continued former racer Graham.  “Everyone involved in CSBK feels strongly about the need to get leaded fuel out of the pits, trailers, dyno rooms and shops.”  “There are other obvious benefits, and our guaranteed price will be considerably less than what many of our teams are currently paying for their performance fuels.  We think that overall this will be an economical win-win situation for our competitors.  If they wish, racers can purchase regular premium pump fuel from their local gas station, or else arrive at each National venue and be guaranteed a supply of appropriate, safe and legal fuel as recognized and sanctioned by the CSBK series.”

The official CSBK series spec Sunoco 260 GT plus fuel will be available shortly through Brooklin Cycle Racing, and teams looking toward pre-season testing should contact Rob Egan atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (905) 831–7223. 

The 2012 Mopar CSBK Canadian Superbike Championship opens with the official pre-season Test at Shannonville Motorsport Park on Thursday, June 7.  Round one of the Nationals takes place back at Shannonville, June 22-24.

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