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Want to ride the German MotoGP course of Sachsenring and the Italian Alps?‏

Want to ride the German MotoGP course of Sachsenring and the Italian Alps?‏

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Sachsenring & Italian Alps "Track & Tour" is on for a third year
The tour that started it all is on again. Four days riding the Italian Alps and two days track time at the MotoGP course of Sachsenring

What is this tour like?
Ride Europe like a European Sport Rider does. Fly into the Bavarian Party town of Munich Germany. Head south into the Italian Alps on BMW naked bikes and adventure touring bikes to handle the tight turns in all day comfort. In the Italian Alps you'll spend three days exploring pass after pass during the day and partying Eurostyle at night. Then we head North to spend two days riding the MotoGP track of Sachsenring on a proper BMW S1000RR. We've upped the quality of the hotels this year as well as offering you a comfortable coach or van ride for the boring freeway stuff north of Munich.
How does this work and how is it different from a normal motorcycle tour?
This is a motorcycle tour that includes track time at a famous racetrack. You'll need a passport and a motorcycle drivers license. All the hotels, bikes, guides and track reservations are provided by Leod Escapes. Your airfare is not included. Leod Escapes advises that you book your airfare 2 to 3 months in advance. You'll be met at the airport in Munich.

You'll follow a guide on your reserved tour bike to the Italian Alps. A luggage vehicle is provided. Riding pace in the Alps is quicker than your average tour but still smooth and safe. Experienced Alps guide will lead the group. The group stays in the same town for 4 nights doing day loops to the many passes of the Dolomites. After 4 days the tour bikes are returned to Munich and clients are shuttled via comfortable car or van to Sachsenring. 

For Sachsenring Leod Escapes requires that you have a bare minimum of a few days of track experience. Sachsenring, while quite safe, is a challenging track. BMW S1000RR bikes are supplied for the track. Riders riding in different track groups often share a bike. Leod Escapes focuses on the authentic experience rather than typical tourist activities. You'll ride like a local, eat like a local and have an absolutely thrilling experience. Please reserve your spot on the tour before July 2015. The earlier you reserve, the wider selection of tour bikes available to you.

What do the guides say?
"This is the tour that started it all. It was our first 'Track & Tour Escapes" and it is still our most intense. The most exciting curvy roads and the most challenging MotoGP track we ride. The Italian Alps are Europe's number 1 motorcycle playground. Of all the destinations we go to this is still our favorite for roads and stunning views that no camera can capture." - Cat MacLeod

Quick Facts

  • 2015 Dates: August 26 to September 4 

  • Starts & Ends in Munich Germany

  • Nearest International Airport: Munich Airport (MUC) 

  • Tour Fleet includes a wide range of BMW models (F800R, F800GT, R1200R, R1200RS, R1200GS, R1200RT, S1000XR)

  • Track Fleet are BMW S1000RR with proper tires

  • Total Tour Riding Mileage about 1100 miles averaging less than 250 very curvy miles per day

  • Pavement conditions are good to excellent in the Italian Alps  

  • 4 Days Riding the Italian Alps

  • 2 Track Days at the German MotoGP course of Sachsenring

  • Rider Skills are Intermediate to Advanced

  • Prior track experience is required

  • Details at

  • What does it cost & what's included?

    • Prices start at $4984 upgrades available

    • Included 3 and 4 star hotels

    • Breakfast always included

    • Welcome and farewell dinner included

    • Guides and translators included

    • Luggage vehicle to transport gear to Italian Alps

    • Van or Coach Transport to and from Munich to Sachsenring

    • Details at

How to choose your Alps weapon

Rule 1: Reserve early, some bikes book up quick.
Rule 2: Forget ego. Choose a bike that fits your size. Big bikes don't impress the Alps. Mid-sized bikes nimble bikes rule the roads here. They are more fun and safer in the insanely tight hairpins.

Here are our thoughts on the models available.

F800GS - More of a dirt bike feel than a street bike. We'd only recommend this if the rider were really tall but wanted something lighter than the 1200GS. 

F800R - Excellent alps weapon, small naked bike, nimble and fun to really thrash around. Slightly taller seat height than the F800GT.

F800GT - Short riders rejoice. This is the sport touring machine made just for you and makes big riders wish they could shrink. Nimble torquey with nice wind protection on the long stretches, it's the perfect combo for alps as long as you can fit on it comfortably.

R1200GS - This is standard issue in the Alps and the big tall GS riders often out maneuver the sport bikes on the tight turns. New water-cooled engine has more power and the suspension is excellent. This is also standard issue for our couples riders as it's a great balance between comfort and nimbleness. For a single rider this will cost you an extra $120.

R1200R - This a the new water-cooled version, if you are a shorter rider this could be the perfect balance. Think of it as BMW's answer to a Ducati Monster. It's a powerful heavy engine, packed in a lightweight naked body. We are quite envious of smaller experienced riders who will really enjoy this new 2015 model. This will cost you an extra $150

R1200RS - The same as the R1200R with some sexy plastic up top. The extra plastic isn’t needed in the Alps but might be handy on those short stretches of autobahn we will take heading back to Munich. This will cost you an extra $175

S1000XR - There’s only a few of these and it’ll cost you an extra $250 but this is the new BMW meant to go head to head with the Ducati Multistrada..We suspect this is a wicked good machine and worth the extra money if we can reserve one of the few that are available.

R1200RT - For a large couple that wants some comfort for the day but still wants to navigate the tight hairpins of the Dolomite passes this is really the right choice. The new water cooled boxer engine is plenty powerful, the handling surprisingly sporty and the amenities are quite luxurious. It'll cost an extra $300 but boy will your passenger have the best seat in the house for the most stunning mountain views in Europe.

How are the Track Days Structured
You will be riding on Sachsenring during a typical motorcycle track day. You’ll be riding the course with local Germans. Okay so their English is a little strange, but they are riders just like you. German track days typically run four groups of 20min sessions with a break for lunch. Our German track day partner will get you placed into one of the four groups and yes you’ll get your lap times. Simple fare is available for lunch, Leod Escapes recommends the potato and sausage soup on cooler days.

Germany's Sachsenring
Races have been happening here near the small village of Hohenstein-Ernsttahl since 1927. MotoGP legend Giacomo Agostini holds the record for the old road course. In the 1990s a new closed circuit Sachsering was built to be much safer than traditional road courses. The 2.9km track, has become the official home of the German MotoGP since 1998. The track has considerable elevation changes as it is built on top of a hill. The straight is built on the crest of a hill and curves down the sides. Sachsenring is a world class facility kept organized and clean as you’d expect Germans to do. Downhill twists, sweepers on hills and a long uphill straight with absurdly big gravel run offs make this track a challenge, but a safe one. We’ve moved our dates up three weeks this year to have better assurances of good weather. Sachsenring is a very technical course and we've arranged instructors to show you the lines and work with you during your track days to improve your skills.

Got Questions? Contact the Tour Master of this tour, Cat MacLeod, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (510)-914-1048. For more information about this tour got to

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