Dan Kruger will enter this Kawasaki ZX-10R Superbike at the Macau GP in a few weeks' time. Dan Kruger will enter this Kawasaki ZX-10R Superbike at the Macau GP in a few weeks' time.

Canadian Kruger to compete in renowned Macau GP

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Montreal's Dan Kruger has been everywhere, riding everything, in 2014. From the Pan Delta Superbike Championship in China to the North West 200 and Isle of Man in the UK to races in Japan and Australia, and on Kawasaki, BMW and Yamaha machinery, Kruger's had a busy year. To add to this, the international traveller will enter the famous Macau Grand Prix when he partakes in the 2014 running of the dangerously entertaining road race, held November 13-16.

Besides the long awaited come back of Paul Bird Motorsport with four-time Macau Grand Prix Winner Stuart Easton and Ian Hutchinson (2013 Macau Grand Prix Winner), there are two more strong entries on Kawasakis at the 2014 Macau Grand Prix. 2014 Pikes Peak Winner Jeremy Toye will return to Macau to challenge the strong entry for another podium. Toye will bring along his crew from the United States and a well prepared machine, a brand new Kawasaki ZX-10R. With local backup by the MGM Macau, all eyes will surely be on him, one of the most spectacular riders around the paddock.

But more surprising is the late entry of Canadian Dan Kruger who gave a very impressive debut in real road racing this year. After a decent run at the North West 200 in Northern Ireland and the Joey Dunlop Open in Germany for the Penz13.com BMW team, Kruger will now take his locally-prepared ZX-10R from the China Superbike Championship to battle the Guia track in Macau for the first time.

After a busy season, having raced the whole China Superbike Championship where he took second place in the final standing, he also raced the 8 Hours of Suzuka and the MotoGP support race in Phillip Island.

“Macau has been a bigger dream of mine than the TT or any of the other road races," Kruger notes. "Now that I am in, and after seeing the grid confirmed, I am nervous and it would already be a great achievement to even simply qualify for the race. I am NOT worried at all about the danger or by the needed skill level. Nor am I worried about my bike set up or team. I am ONLY worried that I do not know the circuit but with the help of local Kawasaki distributor Titanic and the team that is specially coming over from Germany to support my efforts, I am comfortable that we have all the basics we need. If I can learn the circuit then I can at least have fun and enjoy the experience that my sponsors and agent have made possible for me.”

-- From Dan Kruger Racing


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