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So Far, So Fast. Joe Rocket Turns 25!

Windsor, ON (Oct 11, 2016) - @JoeRocketCanada • @GammaPS - From the early days of slugging it out in a small retail shop in Windsor, Ontario, to conquering racetracks around the world, Joe Rocket has worn Canadian pride on their sleeve since day 1 way back in ’92. A quarter-century later, they’re on the gas harder than ever with the launch of their 2017, 25th anniversary collection.

“From Toronto to Tokyo, Montreal to Miami, riders love Joe Rocket. We’ve heard thousands of smiling testimonials about Joe Rocket products. We’ve had customers ride to every corner of the earth in their Rocket jackets, get married in their Joe Rocket jackets… and we’ve even had a few of them get the tattoo,” says Joe Rocket founder Bruce Parker.

With the celebration of their 25th year, Joe Rocket Canada is using the occasion to launch an entirely new helmet collection, featuring 20 new styles. One of the highlights is the RKT 12-Series Polar Night helmet, retailing for $179.99. Built with a DOT/ECE certified advanced thermo-poly alloy shell, the helmet comes equipped with both a clear and tinted shield.

Built for performance, the highly technical Ballistic 14.0 is chalk full of features. Retailing for $369.99 the jacket is made with a seam sealed 100% waterproof outer shell and includes a removable full sleeve insulated warmth liner that can be worn separately.

To browse the entire 25th Anniversary Collection visit:

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Joe Rocket Canada, founded in Windsor, ON, has been producing performance motorcycle apparel for over 25 years and has outfitted more Canadian motorcycle riders nationwide than any other brand.

Gamma Powersports has been a Canada-wide wholesale supplier to the powersport industry since 1972. Gamma takes pride in carrying the best quality products and services across their dealer network.

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BMW presents new concepts: Laser headlights, heads-up helmet display, at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

@BMWMotorradCA | @CES | BMW Motorrad will be displaying two innovations at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on 6-9 January 2016. Laser light for motorcycles and a helmet with a head-up display will be presented, setting new standards of motorcycle safety, along with a technical outlook of how they may be employed in series models of the future.

BMW K1600GTL concept vehicle with BMW Motorrad laser light.
See and be seen has always been one of the central axioms of safe motorcycling, for which reason BMW Motorrad has long since dedicated itself to the continued development and optimisation of motorcycle lighting units. Over the years, this has seen the introduction of adaptive headlights for riding in curves, LED daytime running light and dynamic brake light in BMW motorcycles. And like so often, the development was able to benefit from synergy effects with BMW automobiles.

In the case of the K1600GTL concept vehicle presented here, the BMW Motorrad laser light is derived from a design from the automobile division of the BMW Group. The innovative laser technology is already available in the new BMW 7 Series as well as in the BMW i8. BMW Motorrad has now adapted this technology – which is as established as it is forward-looking – for motorcycling applications. Not only do laser light headlamps generate a particularly bright and pure-white light, but they even achieve a high-beam range of up to 600 metres, which is double that of conventional headlights. The safety of night-time riding has now increased significantly as a result, due not only to the increased range but also to the precise illumination of the road. Moreover, the laser technology has a very long service life, thanks to its compact, robust and maintenance-free construction.


BMW Motorrad laser light has been incorporated in the K1600GTL concept vehicle as a feasibility test. BMW Motorrad is testing the use of this headlamp technology in series vehicles in the course of its preliminary development.

At the moment, the technology is still too cost-intensive for use in motorcycles. However, it is expected that the economies of scale resulting from their large-scale use in the automobile industry will result in a price structure with a clear downward trend. Its use in motorcycles could might then be imaginable in the medium term.

P90206138 highResMedium


Head-up display helmet: road information always in your sights.
In road traffic, it only takes a fraction of a second or a brief distraction to put the rider in a dangerous situation. In 2003, BMW became the first European automobile manufacturer to introduce a head-up display as optional equipment for BMW automobiles.

The BMW head-up display projects necessary or desirable traffic or vehicle information directly into the rider's field of view, allowing him to maintain constant observation of the traffic on the road, with no distraction. This would appear even more important with motorcycles than it is with cars, because it can sometimes only take a brief visual distraction to put the rider in a critical road situation.

P90206800 highResMedium

With a view to offering this technology in motorcycles of the future, a pre-development process was conducted in which a BMW Motorrad helmet was fitted with an innovative head-up display function. This enables the projection of data directly into the rider's field of view. This means that the rider no longer has to glance at the instrument panel and he is able to concentrate fully and without distraction on the road traffic.

All displays are freely programmable; ideally, to provide the best-possible support for rider safety, only information that is helpful and relevant to the current situation should be displayed to the rider at any given moment.

Safety and comfort information for an even more emotionally charged riding experience.

The display options comprise safety-relevant information, for instance data relating to the technical status of the motorcycle, such as tyre pressure, oil level and fuel level, travel speed and selected gear, speed limit and road sign recognition, plus warnings of impending dangers.

P90206802 highResMedium

By means of the future V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) communication, it might also be possible to display information in real time, for example to give due warning of any suddenly impending hazards.

Moreover, the head-up display also allows the visualisation of content designed to increase rider comfort. An example would be the planned route along with navigation advice prior to commencing a journey.

The helmet with head-up display also offers interesting possibilities for making the highly emotional experience of motorcycle riding even more intensive and at the same time safer. For instance, an action camera pointing forwards, located inside the helmet, can record video footage of the journey directly from the helmet. A second camera oriented towards the rear could at some point in the future perform the function of a 'digital rear-view mirror'. And last but not least, this technology also enables the visualisation of other riders in a motorcycle group. This enables the rider to see where his companions are at any given moment.

P90206810 highResMedium

The helmet, which is also fitted with an integrated mini-computer and loudspeakers, is controlled from the left-hand handlebar fittings using the BMW Motorrad multicontroller. As well as operating the camera, this allows the rider to comfortably select the information he requires.

The necessary information display technology can be integrated in existing helmets, without affecting either wearer comfort or rider safety. The operating time of the system with the two replaceable batteries is around five hours.

BMW Motorrad wants to develop this innovative technology to series-production level within the next few years, thus adding a further safety feature to its already wide range of rider equipment.

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Schuberth S2 Sport Gets New Look with “Wave” and “Dark Wave” Graphics

Aliso Viejo, Calif. – @SchuberthNA • April 9, 2015 – Schuberth’s innovative S2 Sport full face helmet has new graphics and color options for 2015. The Wave and Dark Wave graphics are the latest style to grace the shell of the S2, and it is available in Wave Red, Wave Blue, Wave Metal, Dark Wave Red and Dark Wave White.


The S2 Sport full face helmet is the first motorcycle helmet in the world to incorporate an internal antenna, perfect for pairing with the Bluetooth® Schuberth Rider Communication System™ (SRC-System™). Other features include an internal sun visor, optimized aero-acoustics for a quiet ride, and an aerodynamic shell using Schuberth’s proprietary S.T.R.O.N.G. fiber construction for exceptional stability and light weight. With the addition of the Wave graphics, riders can now adorn that shell with the bold Wave Red, Wave Blue or Wave Metal, or they can opt for a stealth look with the Dark Wave Red or Dark Wave White colorways.

The S2 Sport also has a few features that set it apart from Schuberth’s popular S2 model. The S2 Sport features a redesigned neck roll to allow for a more aggressive forward riding position. In addition, the traditional ratchet system found the Schuberth S2 and C3 Pro models has been replaced by a double d-ring system to meet track and racing requirements.
Schuberth S2 Sport “Wave” and “Dark Wave”  |  $699 USD

  • Developed in Schuberth’s proprietary wind tunnel for optimized aerodynamics and aeroacoustics
  • Equipped with Schuberth’s innovative Air Extraction System for customizable ventilation
  • SRC-System™ ready with internal antenna for enhanced Bluetooth® and radio connectivity
  • Schuberth’s S.T.R.O.N.G. fiber construction meets and exceeds DOT and ECE standards
  • S2 Sport features a double d-ring chin strap system
  • S2 Sport features a redesigned neck roll to allow for a forward riding position

See each helmet in detail by clicking the thumbnail images below:


Wave Red Wave Red
Wave Metal Wave Metal
Wave Blue Wave Blue
Dark Wave Red Dark Wave Red
Dark Wave White Dark Wave White

The Schuberth S2 Sport featuring the Wave and Dark Wave graphics is now available through Schuberth dealers. For more information on the Schuberth S2 Sport helmet, including a complete list of available graphics and colors, visit Join the Schuberth community online on Facebook, and follow @SchuberthNA on Twitter. You can also connect on Instagram and YouTube.

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Helmet Manufacturer Schuberth Sets Course for Expansion

After financial investor Perusa took over as principal shareholder in September 2013, the reorganization of the German helmet manufacturer is now clearly taking shape: Jan-Christian Becker has been officially confirmed in his position as Chief Executive Officers (CEO) of the well-established Magdeburg company.

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Medical Data Carrier partners with Safer Roads Ottawa to enhance helmet safety

OTTAWA, ON – In conjunction with National Road Safety Week, Medical Data Carrier is proud to announce a new partnership with Safer Roads Ottawa to enhance the safety of anyone wearing a helmet who may be involved in an accident.

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Arai introduces innovative Pro Shade System

(Allentown, PA) – Arai Helmet, Inc., makers of world class, handmade helmets for more than six decades, is excited to announce the all-new Pro Shade System, an innovative, easy-to-use visor accessory that will benefit street riders of all disciplines, from commuters to long-distance tourers.

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Schuberth introduces Italian theme for S2 helmet

Schuberth has expanded the S2 Lines series of full-face helmets to include the new White/Red/Green colorway. This new graphic was inspired by the colors of the Italian flag, and is the perfect complement for riders of Italian motorcycles who want a helmet that proudly displays their passion.

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Schuberth expands SR1 race helmet line

Schuberth is proud to announce the arrival of new graphics and colorways for their premium racing helmet, the SR1. The SR1 Stealth will be offered in red, orange or blue color options and is now available through Schuberth dealers.

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Scorpion EXO-R2000 helmet introduced

“Destroying Boundaries.” That is the calling card of the all new EXO-R2000 full face helmet from Scorpion Sports. From concept to production, the R2000 has been developed to perform under the most demanding conditions and tested in the most brutal proving grounds in the world: MotoGP.  Proof that a premium product does not necessarily mean a premium price tag, Scorpion’s all new EXO-R2000 revolutionizes what riders will expect from the premium full-face helmet category.

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AFX Helmets come home to Canada

AFX Helmets is pleased to announce that it will be exclusively distributed in Canada by CDI International, manufacturers of the Choko Design Powersports and ICEROCK brands. For more information on AFX Canada, Choko Design Powersports or ICEROCK please visit: www.cdi‐

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