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CSBK Renews Partnership with Medical Data Carrier

CSBK Renews Partnership with Medical Data Carrier

Written by  on Wednesday, 16 May 2012 09:18

Frontline CSBK Inc., organizer of the Mopar CSBK Canadian Superbike Series, announced their ongoing partnership with Medical Data Carrier IM Inc. makers of the Medical Data Carrier for helmets.

The Medical Data Carrier is a unique, bilingual, medical Information system that provides critical lifesaving data about the wearer as well as crucial family contact information in the event of an emergency.  Medical Data Carrier IM Inc. will supply each racer competing in the 2012 Championship with two complimentary Medical Data Carriers for their primary and spare helmets.

“CSBK organizers have once again raised the bar on rider safety,” stated Steve Reed, President of Medical Data Carrier IM Inc. “We are so pleased to have been selected to enhance rider safety with CSBK and Frontline for 2012. We hope to see all powersports riders adopting this simple and cost effective solution.”

The Medical Data Carrier is universally adheres on the left side of the motorcycle helmet. The highly visible, secure and aerodynamic carrier is safe for all helmet surfaces. Information on the rider's identity and medical history including allergies, medications, blood type and pre-existing medical conditions will assist trained first responders to expedite the crucial triage stage of a racer’s care. Bold warning on the outside of the carrier warns Good Samaritan responders to leave helmet removal to those trained in the proper technique. Improper removal can result in collateral injury, paralysis or worse.

“CBSK remains at the forefront as the first national motorsport series in the world to commit and adopt the Medical Data Carrier helmet system as part of an overall rider safety strategy,” stated Kevin Graham of Frontline CSBK. “The Medical Data Carrier is an important plank in our safety strategy as having critical medical information so readily available gives EMS and first responders the extra edge that can save precious seconds when it truly counts.”  

Medical Data Carrier IM Inc. also announced that they are offering the winner of the CSBK 2012 Amateur Superbike Championship a $750.00 sponsorship package towards the winner’s 2012 campaign. This “Medical Data Carrier” prize is a means to help support up and coming talent in the Canadian motorcycle racing scene.

The 2012 Canadian Superbike Championship opens on Thursday, June 7 at Shannonville Motorsport Park east of Belleville, ON, with the official pre-season test event.

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