Rider Training Institute launches first driver/motorcyclist road sharing awareness campaign

Rider Training Institute launches first driver/motorcyclist road sharing awareness campaign

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Increasing  numbers of motorcycles on GTA roads necessitates greater awareness between riders and drivers alike. In collaboration with municipal transportation authorities, GTA retailers, and members of the insurance sector, the Rider Training Institute has launched a road sharing awareness campaign in advance of the 2014 motorcycling season. Following a series of live segments with CP24’s Cam Woolley on April 14, a visual tip-sheet has been distributed through social media, and printed posters will be displayed at select locations throughout the GTA.

A first of its kind in the region, the tip-sheet provides road users with easy to understand road sharing best practices, and places the responsibilities of motorcyclists and drivers side-by-side.

Most road awareness messaging is delivered independently to drivers or motorcyclists” stated Sharron St. Croix, Executive Director of the Rider Training Institute. “Placing their responsibilities side-by-side will ensure more people, drivers and riders alike, get the message” St. Croix went on to add.

Ontario’s annual road safety reports (ORSAR) show a near equal distribution of single and multi-vehicle crash scenarios represented in motorcycle fatalities since 2008. This suggests that a multi pronged campaign focusing on awareness for automobile and motorcycle operators alike is overdue in Ontario. “Our hope is that drivers will benefit from tips on what to look out for, and that riders will be more aware of their own responsibilities” St. Croix added.

About the Rider Training Institute

The Rider Training Institute (RTI) is a national not-for-profit association that offers comprehensive motorcycle licensing and skills development training programs throughout locations across Ontario. Motorcyclists from all walks of life, both beginner and seasoned riders alike, choose the RTI as an ongoing partner in developing paths towards long term safe and enjoyable motorcycling careers.

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