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Honda Canada announces more new models for 2014

Honda Canada announces more new models for 2014

Written by  on Tuesday, 05 November 2013 14:01

November 4th, 2013, Markham, ON - Honda has already introduced a number of new models
for 2014 - the Forza, GROM and the CTX700 series - and that’s just on the motorcycle side of
the business.

Continuing this strong momentum, Honda is proud to announce the all-new CTX1300T, this
all new bike looks like nothing else out there, and rides like nothing else out there.

CTX1300T (ABS)

The CTX1300T design philosophy is well defined by its name. The ‘C' in CTX stands for
Comfort, which equals easy-to-access driveability and usability, with low noise at speed and
excellent stability, low seat height, and relaxed riding position. T’ is Technology: a characterful
and high-torque V4 engine, Honda’s Traction Control System (TCS), Combined ABS, LED
lights and indicators, heated grips, self cancelling signals, plus a twin-speaker Bluetooth stereo
system. X’ is eXperience – smooth and enjoyable all-round performance and cruiser-style
riding position. The CTX1300T, with all of these qualities, is a unique proposition designed to
fit neatly with many rider’s desires and expectations.

The all-new CTX1300T enjoys impressive performance but delivers it in a more relaxed, less
aggressive style. The low seat height and natural riding position make it extremely user friendly
and at home on the open road, with an impressive feature package.

Model Overview

The heart and soul of the CTX1300T is its water-cooled V4 engine. Derived from the ST1300 it
features modifications to bolster low and mid-range torque plus give a more characterful sound
and V4 ‘backbeat’ from the exhausts. Tuned to give strong acceleration from low rpm and a
relaxed feel at highway speeds it features taller gearing, with a five-speed gearbox and shaft

A new double-cradle steel frame, 45mm inverted forks, twin rear shocks and aluminum
swingarm provide a comfortable ride with neutral and engaging handling. Honda’s Combined
ABS and Traction Control System (TCS) work hand in hand to deliver confident braking and
consistent traction in varying conditions.

The CTX1300T’s modern cohesive styling grabs attention with a long and low look, taking cues
from its stunning big-brother the Gold Wing F6B. But the CTX is also a motorcycle built to be
practical and easy to ride with a low seat height, natural riding position, an efficient fairing and
standard-fit rear panniers. The twin-speaker stereo system is both smartphone and Bluetooth

A combination of soul and technology, the CTX1300T is designed to look good around town,
boulevard cruising traffic-light-to-traffic-light, and to be fully functional for longer haul, two-up
trips. It’s a new breed of motorcycle built with a feel-good factor, to deliver pure riding pleasure.

Key Features -Styling & Chassis

Each part of the bodywork’s function is highlighted and the seat is central to the CTX1300T’s
sleek lines and general usability. The 19.5-litre fuel tank is situated under the seat, lowering
the centre of gravity. A short screen injects attitude to the CTX1300T’s silhouette while dual
rear panniers integrate fluidly and provide useful storage space. Five-stage heated grips are
fitted as standard equipment. The twin-speaker stereo system works with iPod, MP3 player
and smartphones, displaying track information centrally on the dash. Bluetooth connectivity
also allows the use of helmet headsets, rider to pillion or bike-to-bike. An analogue
speedometer and tachometer provide vital information at a glance, while the LCD digital
display includes odometer, trip meter, fuel consumption, engine temperature and clock. The
headlights, taillight and indicators are all LED and give off an intense light signature.

Handling-wise the CTX1300T is poised neatly between the laid back feel of a pure cruiser and
the functionality of a touring bike, imparting around-town usability with the ability to deal
comfortably and luxuriously with long-range weekend trips.


The longitudinally-mounted 8-valve 1,261cc, water-cooled, fuel-injected 90° V4 power unit
driving the CTX1300T has received major revisions, boosting low and mid-range torque.
Sound and feel too, have both been enhanced adding to the riding sensation.

The engine’s characterful feel and sound have been amplified by the use of uneven (150mm
difference) exhaust pipe lengths. Revised cam timing and new PGM-FI throttle bodies are
responsible for the change in the engine’s output and nature. A Honda Evolutional Catalysing
System (HECS) oxygen-sensing catalytic converter minimises harmful exhaust gas emissions.

Throttle response has been tuned to be smooth, with engaging roll-on acceleration. The overall
gearing is tall, lowering engine rpm and adding to the tranquil, enjoyable ride. The 5-speed
gearbox and hydraulic clutch drive the rear wheel via maintenance-free shaft drive.

The CTX1300T is equipped with Honda’s TCS. The TCS constantly monitors front and rear
wheel speed plus various engine parameters and throttle position. It’s looking for variations
that could mean an imminent loss of traction – if TCS believes wheel-spin is possible; engine
power is momentarily reduced to ensure a seamless, unobtrusive traction control.

Available Colours: Candy Red; Metallic Blue
Price TBD

All specifications are provisional and subject to change without notice.

-- Honda Canada


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