Law enforcement officers to be equipped with Medical Data Carriers

Law enforcement officers to be equipped with Medical Data Carriers

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Arizona and Ottawa (August 25, 2013) – Medical Data Carrier IM Inc. and Motor Cop Shop Inc. have concluded a distribution and reseller agreement making Motor Cop Shop the exclusive Medical Data Carrier supplier to Law Enforcement Agencies in North America.

The Medical Data Carrier (MDC) is a unique medical information system that provides critical lifesaving data about the officer as well as their crucial contact information in the event of an on-duty emergency.  The highly visible, secure and aerodynamic carrier attaches to the left side of the officer’s motorcycle, bicycle, snowmobile, riot, or ATV helmet.  Bold text on the outside of the carrier warns citizens, who may be first on scene of the accident, to leave helmet removal to those trained in the proper technique. Improper removal may result in collateral injury, paralysis or worse. Inside, a two-sided waterproof paper contains information on the officer’s identity and medical history including information such as allergies, medications, blood type and pre-existing medical conditions that assists first responders with the crucial triage stage of the wearer’s care.

“Bob Cook is the real deal when it comes to knowing the law enforcement market, already serving over 250 law enforcement agencies as the sole source for Arai motorcycle police helmets," stated Steve Reed, President of Medical Data Carrier. “As a retired veteran of the San Diego PD, 20 years as a motorcycle officer, he knows the dangers that the men and women in uniform face every day when they strap on their helmet. We are so pleased to have Motor Cop Shop taking our Medical Data Carrier to all law enforcement agencies to help them as both an emergency preparedness and risk mitigation tool,” he added.

When an officer is injured, having immediate medical data can mean saving their life or sparing them from complications during treatment from allergies or complications arising from medications.  Ultimately the timeliness of the medical data may mean a faster recovery time, positively impacting the well-being and livelihood of the officer, reducing costs to their law agency by saving on workers compensation, administrative costs and the potential added costs of overtime and stress on the remaining officers working to replace the downed officer. The return on investment, from the use of one Medical Data Carrier in an accident, more than pays for the cost of equipping the entire agency.

“I am pleased to be providing such a clever and valuable product to my Law Enforcement customer," stated Bob Cook, President of Motor Cop Shop. “I’ve been riding motorcycles for over 50 years, 20 of them as a motor officer, during which time I responded to countless motorcycle collisions where I found the rider unable to communicate.  The Medical Data Carrier will provide important information about a downed officer to EMS personnel.  It attaches securely to the helmet shell and is easy to see without taking away from a professional uniform appearance.”

-- From Medical Data Carrier IM Inc.


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