Pro6 Cycle makes Medical Data Carrier mandatory at all track days

Pro6 Cycle makes Medical Data Carrier mandatory at all track days

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Pro6 Cycle and Medical Data Carrier (MDC) have teamed up and create powersport’s first custom-branded MDC for Pro6 clients.

“We have set the benchmark in the Canadian trackday industry, growing to become the largest motorcycle trackday provider in the country that includes an exclusive contract at the amazing Calabogie Motorsports Park,” said Joe Temporato, Co-Owner of Pro6 Cycle. “Our mission statement is quite simple: provide the most amount of quality track time and in the safest environment possible. A key component of our safety and emergency preparedness platform is the Medical Data Carrier that all of our clients wear on their helmets at our trackdays,” he stated.

Medical Data Carrier (MDC) is a unique, bilingual, medical information system that provides critical lifesaving data about the rider as well as crucial family contact information in the event of an emergency.  The highly visible, secure and aerodynamic carrier attaches to the left side of the individual’s helmet and is safe for all helmet surfaces.  Bold text on the outside of the carrier warns good Samaritan responders to leave helmet removal to those trained in the proper technique. Improper removal can result in collateral injury, paralysis or worse. Inside, a two sided, water-proof medical data form contains information on the wearer’s identity and medical history including information such as allergies, medications, blood type and pre-existing medical conditions that assists first responders with the crucial triage stage of the wearer’s care.

“When we talked to Joe about using our simple safety product as a branding platform for Pro6 Cycle, he was on board right away," stated Steve Reed, President of Medical Data Carrier IM Inc. “Our goal is to help powersports riders, but we also want to help our valued channel partners get more brand awareness and promote the message of safety and preparedness, so putting the Pro6 logo prominently on our MDC allows them to get more value for their spend,” he added.

Pro6 liked the final product so much that they are also offering the special edition Pro6 MDC for sale to any riders regardless of if they attend their trackdays or not, because preparedness for the street rider is equally - if not more - important. It was small but important customer focus and attention to details like this that led to Pro 6 Cycle being the recipient of the 2006 Motorcycle Award of Excellence in the achievement category for building a successful and well-regarded trackday series.

-- From Medical Data Carrier


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