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Honda announces new 2014 CRF 125F and CRF 125F Big Wheel off-road models

Honda announces new 2014 CRF 125F and CRF 125F Big Wheel off-road models

Written by  on Wednesday, 10 July 2013 14:40

Markham, ON - Honda introduced a number of new models in 2013 which also included some early release 2014 product. The brand continues this momentum with the release of the 2014 CRF 125F and CRF 125F Big Wheel.

Honda is introducing two all new versions of the CRF125F featuring an electric start engine along with two different wheel sizes, replacing the CRF80 and CRF100F in our small dirt bike line up. The CRF125F offers increased engine displacement, and is designed with a user-friendly power band. Honda has also added an all new chassis, aggressive styling along with upgraded front and rear suspension, providing optimum performance for the new up and coming rider.

CRF125F and CRF125F Big Wheel
In 2013 the CRF110F replaced the immensely popular CRF70F within Honda's
family of fun, entry-level off-road bikes. Now, two new larger-displacement
models enter the lineup the 2014 CRF125F & CRF125FB. These two CRF125F
models offer unique wheel sizes that allow them to replace the CRF80F and
CRF100F. With a seat height of 28.9 inches, the small-wheel CRF125F seat is
the same height as the CRF80F it replaces, while the CRF125F Big Wheel
features the same seat height—30.9 inches—as the CRF100F it replaces. This
seat-height option allows riders to pick the CRF125F that fits best. Featuring an
all-new electric start 125cc single-cylinder OHC four-stroke engine tuned for
loads of low-end grunt plus plenty of pull throughout the powerband, the
CRF125Fs also feature a four-speed gearbox and a convenient electric starter.
Add a new rolling chassis with upgraded suspension components front and rear,
styling just like Honda’s CRF® motocross bikes, and you have a great addition to
Honda’s off-road line of family machines with a bike for all riders—young to old,
beginner to expert.

Color: Red
Price: TBA
Availability: Fall

Returning 2014
For more than 40 years, Honda mini-bikes have served as a fun and efficient first step for beginner riders. The CRF50F furthers that tradition. Credit the tough 49cc four-stroke engine, automatic clutch and three-speed gearbox, plus an inverted fork, all of which make the CRF50F a great choice to meet the specific needs of riders just entering the sport. As the first step up the displacement ladder in Honda’s full line of off-road bikes for many beginners, the CRF50F will introduce many more new riders to off-road riding in 2014.
Color: Red
Price: $1,699
Availability: Fall

With its low seat height, modest size, and four-speed transmission with automatic clutch, the CRF110F fills an important entry spot among Honda's family of off-road bikes. The 110cc engine is tuned to meet the needs of those new to riding, and with a new throttle-limiter feature, it offers parents additional control of learning pace. Also, the CRF110F features a convenient electric starter plus the race-inspired styling of the awesome CFR450R and CRF250R motocross bikes. It all adds up to a great option for new riders.
Color: Red
Price: $2,399
Availability: Fall

Thanks to its moderate chassis dimensions, easy-to-use four-stroke power, electric starter and more rider-friendly features, the CRF150F is just the ticket for entering, exploring and thoroughly enjoying the world of off-road fun. This is a bike that’s not too big, and not too small—a great fit for beginning riders but it works equally well for experienced adults who want to join in the fun.
Color: Red
Price: TBA
Availability: Fall

With the ease of electric starting and its easy-to-handle size, the CRF230F is the perfect match for all-day fun and off-road adventure. Within the realm of recreation riding, the CRF230F has earned plenty of respect over the years. Motorcycling magazines from all over have complimented this mid-sized off-road machine for its playbike-oriented attributes that make it a favorite with so many riders.
Color: Red
Price: TBA
Availability: Late Summer

Whether you ride for trophies, for training, or just for fun, there’s one bike that is fully equipped to help you ride your best: the Honda CRF250X returns to the lineup for 2014. The good stuff begins with a 249 cc Unicam four-stroke engine that churns out immense torque and thrilling top-end power. Premium Showa suspension keeps everything under control in the toughest sections, plus it allows a huge range of adjustability so you can get the ride just the way you like it. Standard electric start makes getting going no sweat at all, and the enduro headlight, taillight and odometer are all race-ready.
Color: Red
Price: TBA
Availability: Fall

The CRF450X boasts some pretty impressive credentials in the world of off-road racing—specifically, winning the world-famous and ultra-rugged Baja 1000 and Baja 500 races multiple times, enough to rightfully earn its reputation as the King of Baja. At the same time, if you’re planning a weekend of relaxed trail riding rather than aiming for an off-road racing championship, the CRF450X fits the bill. Offering world-class performance plus a broad spread of power, comfortable ergonomics and versatile suspension for a fun ride no matter what the terrain throws at you.
Color: Red;
Price: TBA
Availability: Fall

-- From Honda Canada


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