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Inside Motorcycles Vol. 14 Issue 10 - Feb/Mar 2012

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In This Issue...

The biggest news is that we welcome back to Canada the honourable Andrew Trevitt and more importantly, welcome him as part of the team at Inside Motorcycles!  His first feature (looking back on the past year in electronics advancements) can be seen on page 40-42...

Managing editor Graeme Jones attends the press launch for the 2012 Kawasaki ZX-14R, where he gets a seat-of-the-pants experience on the fastest accelerating production bike ever built.

1,441 cc's, traction control, power modes and redesigned chassis and suspension make it one of the most impressive bikes of the new year.  "For 2012, Kawasaki set forth to hone what was already a well-respected motorcycle," Jones pens. "The end result is a monstrous offspring that is almost at odds with itself in its strengths - a drag racing assassin and an unexpercedly practical bike for the real world."

The Aprilia Dorsoduro we test at the end of 2011 stands out as a rambunctiously fun, high horsepower supermoto.  As senior editor Jason Thorpe writes, "The designer of the 1200 must have been really angry.  Perhaps he was having relationship troubles? ...we can imagine him fuming in his cubicle, so pissed off that he decided to cram a vicious motor into a dirt bike chassis and send it out to ambush normal folks."

Larry Tate writes of his memorable trip to West Virginia last fall that will have you wanting to make your own voyage to The Mountain State.  A combination of unforgettable riding roads, pleasant diners, inns, pubs, scenery and Americana make this a wonderful destination for any rider.

The Western Front columnist Patrick Lambie curses the powers-that-be that blessed most of Western Canada with spectacular riding roads but a riding season often limited to five months; Inside Tech writer John Sharrard completes part two of his "Carbs vs. Fuel Injection" feature... Colin Fraser's "Road Race Reality" column asks whether campaigning a brand new bike in a series is necessarily a good thing.

We profile Harley-Davidson XR1200 series champion (and living legend) Steve Crevier.  The champ commented in an interview with senior editor John Hopkins, "I can't lie; it was one of the most fun championships I've won. I had a great time. I realized I still love riding and racing and the competition. I've never really had so much fun on a bike."

We profile the champions and newsmakers from every class of the Canadian Superbike Championship, and highlight memorable classes, racers and events from regional road racing in BC all the way to Nova Scotia. Flat track, drag racing, vintage road racing, supermoto - it's all in the newest issue of Inside Motorcycles!

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