Supermoto racing is as much about the people as the bikes! Supermoto racing is as much about the people as the bikes! Story by Keith Fowler, President, Supermoto Ontario

Supermoto trends from the 2015 season Featured

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This is the time of year supermoto clubs in Canada bid farewell to 2015 and start planning for 2016. We reflect on some of the best times of the season and those standout moments. Supermoto is about the people and not just the cool bikes/quads.

 Supermoto Ontario saw an influx of younger riders coming out to events. Parents recognize that supermoto riding is safer than motorcross and significantly less expensive than road racing. A youth rider gets support from all other riders at events by giving ample room on the track and those needed words of encouragement. I imagine it feels like being a rock star with all the attention these young riders get!

An interesting dynamic is the increased number of female riders who came out this summer in Ontario and Quebec. Women riding at events are a good reminder of how much fun supermoto is and why we are on the track. Female novice riders are smoother and have calculated line choices compared to novice men. I was talking with SOAR road racer Jennifer Roth about female-only categories and was told this is the number one limiting factor why there are not more women in motorcycle racing today. There are now enough female riders in Ontario to support a separate female category. Supermoto Ontario offers Junior and Female riders half-price lapping fees at each of their events to support the growth of these categories.

Victoria Supermoto (VSM) and Rocky Mountain Motards (RMM) utilize the same weekly course location for lapping and races. Supermoto Quebec (SMQ) has shared tracks with Supermoto Ontario (SMO). Some supermoto clubs have hosted half supermoto lapping and half sportbike days, with extremely positive comments from both types of riders. There are plans to do this in Ontario again for 2016. Delaware Speedway near London has recently put in a road course and Supermoto Ontario will expand their series a little further south at this venue. The success of events is directly related to the track owners’ support in putting events on. Shannonville Motorsports Park (SMO), Strathmore Motorsports Park (RMM), Mecaglisse Motorsports Park (SMQ) and Western Speedway (VSM) have received excellent track support to put successful events on in the past years.

If you are on the west coast and interested in supermoto, check out to find out more about supermoto in Victoria. Rocky Mountain Motards in the Calgary area is happy to help you get your bike ready for their freshly paved cart track at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Supermoto Quebec mixes the venues up each season with small town street racing as well. They can be reached at Supermoto Ontario is happy to answer any supermoto questions and can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There are over 18 supermoto clubs operating in North America right now. You can have a look at or look to Facebook for more information about supermoto in your area.

- By Keith Fowler, President, Supermoto Ontario

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